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The Revolution Begins!

SatedBuffalo, Feb 28, 12 10:13 AM.
The time for action is here! For too long, Sious has struggled to survive under the jackboot of imperial domination. Join the resistance! Fight for the people of Sious!  

We call on skilled operatives throughout the Republic to aid our cause!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Dager, Feb 23, 12 4:29 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Sious IV Liberation Front (SLF) is a
ROLEPLAYING guild on Shien: Republic.



For too long our world has been under Empire rule. For too long the peoples of Sious IV have been oppressed and exploited. We will no longer stand with shoulders bowed, we will no longer carry the burden of this foreign-imposed government.

We will be radical. We will be violent. We are at war. We will take back our planet and banish the Empire and it's false promises from our boarders. 

We will rally the people of Sious IV from all species and all walks of life to rise against the stifling influence of the Empire and take back our planet. 

We will build a new government, we will build a new trust. We will build a new society. 

We WILL succeed. 


((The OOC Story)): 

Sious IV Liberation Front is a heavy role playing guild. The focus of the guild is to tell a story. 

For in game purposes, Sious IV is being represented by Alderaan and many of our roleplay events will take place here, but we enjoy world roleplay so feel free to approach our members if you see them out in the world! 
If you are interested in joining SLF you must interact with our guild members! We are actively seeking new members and more people to help fight the Empire on Sious IV.

We're very excited about this guild and have a lot planned. Even if you don't wish to become a member, feel free to come and chat with us, and interact with the plot.

We hope to see you in game!
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